4 Quick Video Content Marketing Tips You Can Begin Using Today

Video is unquestionably one of the fastest-growing aspects of content marketing, and savvy business owners and marketers are smart to leverage it now.

With that in mind, here are four tips for your company’s next video content marketing effort.

video11. Get your resources in line
For a lot of business owners and managers, video content marketing may be an intimidating concept, especially if they have little or no experience with the medium. Video creation can be a challenging task, and a lot of companies simply don’t have the means of executing a good video strategy by themselves.

Before you initiate any video content marketing plans, you need to first consider what your resources are. If you plan to keep this all in-house, then you’ll need equipment, personnel to operate that equipment, scripts (probably) and the software necessary to edit and publish this content. You may be able to cut some corners here and there – maybe you rely on smartphones to record your videos and feature your employees, rather than actors – but there are limitations to this approach. While nonprofessional videos can have a certain appeal, you may run the risk of making your organization appear amateurish, and that can undermine your entire marketing effort.

If you’re not going to handle every aspect of video content production in-house, then you need hire some experts to help out. In that case, you’re going to need some funds. Determine how much money you can reasonably afford to hire professional assistance, as well as which components you want to outsource. Maybe you want to write the scripts yourself or plan to handle the editing. Or maybe you’ll want to find a partner that can handle every aspect of the process. Whatever the case may be, you should know your resources before you develop a detailed plan of action.

2. Set goals
A major issue with many video content creation campaigns is that business leaders have unrealistic expectations. You have to realize going in that there are limits to what videos can accomplish.

Generally speaking, videos are great for branding your business, as they give you a chance to develop your company’s personality. They aren’t as good for lead generation. Consequently, you shouldn’t expect to see an immediate sales boost. Instead, look for increased social media mentions and other signs that your brand is becoming stronger.

video23. Short and snappy wins
Whatever path you follow for your video content creation, you want to make sure that your videos are short, snappy and engaging. A minute to a minute a minute and a half is a good cap for most, with maybe a few here or there running a bit longer. But really, you want to limit the length.

Creating overly long videos is a major mistake, one that countless businesses have made when pursuing video-based content marketing. It’s very tempting to develop longer content, especially if you want to cover particularly complex subjects. Maybe you have the idea to film a series of 10-minute-long presentations or roundtable discussions with yourself and other employees, covering the state of your company’s industry.

The problem with such approaches is that hardly any consumers have the patience to sit through long videos. Unless the content is incredibly, unbelievably engaging, most viewers will check out after a minute or two. This makes longer videos not only a waste of resources, but also less effective.

Keep your videos short and you’ll save time and money, and you’ll see better results from your outreach efforts, as well.

4. Synergize
​Your video content should not exist in a vacuum (unless of course you sell vacuums). Instead, it should be an integrated part of your company’s broader content marketing campaigns.

video3Most obviously, you should promote your video content through email and social media – after all, consumers aren’t going to come across your videos spontaneously. In addition to creating emails and social media posts when the videos first become available, you should also periodically shine a spotlight on these offerings by working a link into later promotional content, featuring the videos on your homepage on occasion and so on.

You should also reuse your video content in other forms. You can write a blog post that refers to a video and offers additional insight that you couldn’t fit into the 60-second clip. You can use a testimonial from a video as a springboard for a social media campaign. Ultimately, you simply want to get as much bang for your buck as you can. With synergy, all of your content marketing will receive a boost.

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