3 tips for better business blogging

Although blogs have been around for many years, they continue to evolve rapidly and are used for an increasingly wide range of business initiatives. As such, it is important for small business owners to regularly check in with the latest trends and improve their approaches.

In 2013, blogs will become an even more important method for increasing brand awareness and generating online conversations about your company. Brands that work diligently to improve their blogs – in terms of tone, content and shareability – will likely see their efforts pay off in spades.

Here are three tips for improving your company with better business blogging.

it may seem obvious, but the simple measure of increasing how often you post can have a dramatic effect on how successful your blogging venture is. Consumers are much more likely to engage with brands that feature regularly refreshed content and frequent updates. This isn’t only because there is more content to read, but also because it is easier to get your brand more fully entrenched in a customer’s routine if your content is reliably refreshed .

One of the most effective ways to do this is by adopting a posting schedule. This simple measure can keep you on web surfers’ minds throughout the week and help ensure that your content gets as wide and reliable a readership as possible.

In keeping with the benefits of routinized posting, keeping your blogs relevant and topical is a great way to attract more readers. Many people surf the web with an eye closely trained on the week or day’s hottest topics. It is easy to benefit from this natural desire by writing blogs that incorporate trending news items and relevant topics.

Google News is an effective way to generate ideas for your especially timely blogs. Find topics that seem to be generating a disproportionate amount of online conversation and adapt them to suit your brand’s products and personality.

Although it is a good idea to vary your topics and explore interesting perspectives, it is also important to remember that blogs are typically a slight diversion and light reading material. Keeping your entries short, to the point and on message will help you keep readers engaged and more likely to read your posts regularly.

How do you plan to improve your business blogging in 2013? Share some of your insights below!

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