Why DDoS Protection Should Be Your Top Concern

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The challenge with a Distributed Denial of Service attack is that it can take many forms, and is extremely flexible in regards to how it targets your network and what it can accomplish. Your best bet is to work with IT and your ISP to develop a multi-pronged solution that combines preventative preparations with reactive solutions that can help mitigate an attack when it’s happening.

Think that a DDoS attack against your business isn’t likely? You should be thinking about what would happen if you’re wrong.

In today’s digital world a DDoS attack against your organization may only require a simple Internet search and less than $10.00 paid to a cyber attacker willing to launch the attack.

A simple attack could take your network down from a couple of hours to several days, but this is only one of the reasons why DDoS protection should be a top concern for every organization.

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