Webinar – Building a Modern Personal Brand

A link to the re-broadcast of this exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today will be available later this week.
 Featured Panel: Porter Gale (PorterGale.com). Michael Brito (britopian.com) & Martin Jones (CoxBlue.com)

Never before have individuals had the social tools, permissions, and instantaneous reach available today to build their own career outcomes, and bolster corporate brands in the process. Internal and external social networks and 24/7 “always on” conversations are giving marketing professionals new channels to share their thoughts, remix and collaborate on breakthrough ideas, truly think and act outside the boxes that previously limited originality and passion.

Our esteemed panel will discuss how the time is ripe to carpe diem! And begin building a personal brand (inside and outside the Enterprise) that has staying power and draws followers to your big ideas and goals. We’ll take a look at how your personal brand equity can ignite passion for the brands you represent. In order to fully embrace this new social order, social media enthusiasts must understand that with great power comes great responsibility:

  • What are the personal risks of attaching your personal brand to an idea that failed?
  • What happens when your personal brand overshadows the brand you’re representing?
  • If your network is your net worth, what happens when you unplug?
  • If you’ve established your personal brand in the context of your corporate brand, what happens when you change jobs?

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