Preparing for the Future: The Importance of a Modern Infrastructure for Our Armed Forces

Preparing for the Future: The Importance of Modern Technology in Our Armed Forces’ Infrastructure

Our military personnel must be prepared to confront any challenge, now and in the future. But to be ready, they need a modern technology infrastructure that can adapt in real-time to sudden surges in usage and ensure that all critical assets are always available. Its infrastructure is the foundation for modernizing a military base’s capacity and capability. With a solid infrastructure, institutions can introduce the latest advancements in military technology, leading to quick and impressive improvements in routine base processes.

Unfortunately, organizations face numerous challenges in implementing such upgrades. They need fast and reliable networks to execute high-level strategies while overcoming security and privacy concerns and ensuring their objectives meet readiness goals, Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution to many of these challenges. That is why having a strategic technology partner like Cox Business is essential. Such a partner can help secure the operations and safety of the organization while also developing technology solutions customized to the unique needs of government sectors.

Preparing for Military Base Improvements

Improving military bases is no small feat, especially since many of the technologies that work so well in the private sector are not yet available to government organizations. But with the right approach, updating network technology and ensuring scalability is possible. This, in turn, can help military centers enhance their on-site capacity and extend it to the broader organization, all while ensuring operational continuity and security.

Everyday Operations

Modernizing military systems can simplify ship maintenance, streamline essential base services, or even automate commissary stock requests. Connected networks — from managed Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to wired high-speed internet — allow sensor technologies to measure, respond, and report various physical stimuli. The hardware relays information to a central platform where leaders can review raw data and explore applicable insights in real-time.

Fast Crisis Response

A well-powered, scalable network is required for networked cameras, sensors, smartphone apps, and more. Applying connected systems to military operations can keep ships in the sea, allowing leaders to send site-wide alerts quickly. Moreover, the effective use of data is a critical function for identifying and responding to current and future threats.

Innovative technology solutions could be a game-changer for readiness, especially considering the importance of scaling commercial capabilities across the DoD. A military center or base can craft information policies and processes with the infrastructure to improve response times, decision-making, and resiliency.

Smart Base Infrastructure

Military bases, which we will define as bases, posts, camps, or stations, are already moving towards solutions that increase security, workability, resiliency, and livability. A “smart” facility connects systems required for fast response and operational efficiencies. It leverages reliable, secure internet services, with wired and wireless networks extending coverage to areas previously offline.

A smart military base leverages technology such as:

  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Fiber Video Conferencing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Wireless Networks
  • Network Security Solutions

Building the Capabilities for Connectivity

To keep pace with ever-changing threats, military bases must adopt flexible technologies to scale and adapt to their primary mission. But it’s not only about the tech. It’s crucial to have a trusted technology provider like Cox Business that can design solutions for complex needs. By partnering with a reliable industry leader, you can be fully prepared for the future while also improving today’s operations.

Flexible Technologies That Adapt to Your Primary Mission

Technology planning and implementation efforts should have your unique needs in mind from end to end, regardless of whether your base focuses on education, training, maintenance, or other critical activities. With a custom solution from Cox, your military center can prioritize mission-critical tasks and leave the technology deployment, security, and management to the IT experts.

Below are just a few of the critical services Cox Business provides to military bases and centers in the areas we serve, nationwide.

  • Metro E: An ethernet transport network offers multipoint or point-to-point services over a metropolitan area network (MAN). Metro E is a cost-effective, highly secure alternative to carrier multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networking.
  • Wavelength service: Transfer data, image, or video heavy files over a large bandwidth connection, known as wavelength. It provides data service or high-speed internet through lit fiber-optic lines.
  • Managed Wi-Fi: Connect civilians, military members, and leaders seamlessly with fully managed network and equipment support. Cox Business offers custom installation and reliable speeds for indoor and outdoor coverage.
  • Private line service: Use a private data connection with high data speeds to ensure privacy and security for sensitive communications between two or more locations.
  • MPLS IP-VPN: This suite of technology methods and technologies is a virtual private network (VPN) type that uses MPLS-based technologies for better bandwidth management and security.
  • Video service: Stay connected with military members on the base and in the field by working with specialized government consultants to design voice and video solutions.
  • Dark fiber: Prepare your institutions by installing unused but fully laid optical fiber. This application lets you move forward on technology objectives when the funding comes through.
  • SD-WAN: SD-WAN solution combines real-time path selection, edge routing, stateful firewall, end-to-end QoS, and WAN optimization, so you can deliver the reliability and efficiency your business demands.

Core Benefits of Technology Infrastructure

Advancements in technology now make it possible to collect and analyze large amounts of data and state connected from any location. By implementing scalable systems, military bases can efficiently process high-volume, intricate datasets. And when working with a dependable provider, military leaders can make bold investments without neglecting important maintenance, updates, and security measures. That’s where a trustworthy technology partner like Cox Business comes in. By aligning your technology applications and implementations with top-level goals, you can maximize your return on investment at every step.

Improve Speed and Quality of Services and Functions

A well-connected military base requires a cohesive strategy and the right network technologies to manage high-volume, complex datasets and handle mission demands. Scalable systems that reduce network congestion and improve performance are critical for mission success.

Military bases should partner with a provider using advanced fiber-optic technology for high-speed internet connectivity. This will provide them with immediate and secure access to mission-critical information. This type of technology delivers fast, dependable speeds that can handle large amounts of data quickly and securely.

Military bases need more than just high-speed internet connectivity to protect their data; they also must have advanced security features. These security measures are needed to ensure that the data stored on these bases is safe and secure. By partnering with a provider that offers round-the-clock technical support and monitoring, military bases can be sure that their networks are online and secure.

A scalable network that can grow to meet the base’s needs on demand is also essential for flexibility and versatility.

An interconnected and robust military base relies heavily on a reliable and secure network that can be quickly scaled up to meet any mission’s requirements.

Cloud-based telephone services, unified communications, and cloud storage can all help streamline operations and make daily tasks easier. Access to these services can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of military operations and help keep the base connected and operating smoothly.

Additionally, a secure network ensures that the organization can remain secure in the face of any threat.

Make Military Centers More Resilient

Custom networks and infrastructure backed by 24/7 security, management, and support keep military locations online, connected, and prepared to respond. In return, military staffers can concentrate and coordinate actions without troubleshooting technology issues if a threat exists. The scalable nature of Cox Business services means your institution can take advantage of big data and analytics to make better, faster decisions.

Discover Trusted Solutions for Today and Tomorrow’s Challenges

Is your base positioned to meet today’s threats? Improving your capacity and capabilities readies your location while helping you better serve your personnel and their families. Cox Business has in-depth knowledge of military operations and collaborates with you to understand your budget, mission, and security protocols.

With this top-down perspective, we can identify the best options and create bespoke solutions. Cox Business provides voice, video, and networking services, allowing your organization to securely link base services, locations, and emergency response teams.

Military bases can always stay connected and mission-ready by working with a provider like Cox Business that delivers the necessary technology, security, and support.

Contact Cox Business today to learn more about how our services can help improve your military base’s readiness and performance.

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