Net Assurance - Protect Your Business with Internet Backup

Net Assurance – Protect Your Business with Backup Internet Connectivity

Net Assurance: Protect Your Business with Internet Backup

Losing your power or Internet connection can bring your workday to a complete stop. You can’t process payments, access files, or use your email and your employees lose access to essential resources. Business disruptions can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue and tank end-user productivity. Moreover, it can impact customers who rely on your business. Intangible costs, such as reputational damage, may have lasting effects on your company and put your bottom line at risk. Fortunately, our Net Assurance Internet backup service automatically kicks in during an unexpected power loss.

Why Your Business Needs Net Assurance

Few small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can afford disruptions due to a lost Internet connection. Without backup services, your company may lose revenue and customers. With a 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless backup and an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) as a battery backup, companies receive:

  • Protection from unexpected network and power outages contributing to downtime
  • Automatic connectivity
  • Uninterrupted power for up to four hours in the event of an outage

A reliable 4G LTE wireless failover and battery backup solution can help your company stay operational through most disruptions, except for large-scale electric service interruptions resulting in a total power blackout.

Learn how Net Assurance can help protect your business from unexpected network and power outages with reliable, secure backup connectivity. Learn More

What Causes Outages?

Losing power or Internet may seem unlikely, but interruptions happen. It may take time to find the source of the problem and get repairs started. Business leaders use backup Internet solutions as part of their disaster recovery efforts as it supports business continuity. Safeguard your company against these five common causes of outages.

1. Weather

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, wildfires, and more can cause Internet and power loss, resulting in unexpected downtime for your business. Although your office may close during extreme weather events, a failover Internet connection can ensure your nightly data backups aren’t disrupted.

2. Human Error

Accidents happen—especially when it comes to technology. Whether that means misusing hardware or an unplugged cord, human error can cause a loss of connectivity. Fortunately, Net Assurance kicks in to keep your devices connected until you resolve the problem.

3. Equipment Failure

Old or improperly maintained equipment can also cause outages. Additionally, outdated hardware and software may affect your Internet connectivity. A backup Internet solution keeps your small business online even if your router or other equipment fails.

4. Overloaded Networks

With an increased reliance on video conferencing and cloud computing tools, older infrastructure can struggle to keep up. A strained network can reach its limit, resulting in slower Internet speeds or a complete outage. If you lose your primary network connection, Net Assurance can get you back online.

5. Cut Cables

Exterior or interior construction work, landscaping activities, and third-party errors can result in your cable or fiber line being cut. Although it isn’t your fault, cut cables can take hours to fix, leaving your business without Internet service.  A backup connection bridges the gap while waiting on repairs.

Internet Backup FAQs

What is Net Assurance and How Does it Work

Net Assurance is a backup connection for Internet services. Backup Internet, also called Internet failover, is a standby Internet solution that automatically turns on if your primary Internet system fails. It’s a safeguard against service interruptions.

If your business loses Internet service, Net Assurance automatically connects to the best 4G LTE Internet provider based on the fastest available network in your area.

What is LTE Internet?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and describes the wireless technology that allows devices, like cell phones, tablets, and more, to connect to the Internet. Most professionals associate the term LTE with wireless data transmission for cell phones. Net Assurance uses LTE Internet to power connectivity in your business during an outage.

Does Net Assurance include LTE backup WiFi?

Yes, customers using the optional Internet Gateway eWAN option receive 4G LTE wireless backup WiFi. If a business loses Internet access, their WiFi connections automatically switch to the 4G LTE wireless network.

Get Peace of Mind with an LTE backup Internet Solution

Small businesses can stay connected and avoid financial losses by using a backup connection. Learn how you can add Net Assurance to your business Internet plan by contacting Cox Business.  Learn More
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