How knowing your customer can help your marketing campaign

Marketing can seem like a difficult task, but a knowledge of the person you are trying to reach can help give your campaign direction.

Opening a dialog between your customers and your company is an important task if you would like people to use your product or service. The essential function of a marketing campaign is being able to communicate your message to people who could potentially seek you out. But this can be a difficult task for some – the business world is changing as the Internet continues to bring companies online.

A changing strategy 

Inc. Magazine explains that the rules of marketing have changed. It used to be that a business would develop a product that could appeal to a broad consumer base, and the advertising campaign would reflect that expansive ranging demographic. This meant creating a brand that would be able to be widely recognized.

However, the times have moved on and the Internet has destroyed the concept of a large consumer base. Now, markets are becoming increasingly specialized. Sneakers, for example, come in all different shapes and forms depending on the function they are supposed to serve – basketball , tennis, cross fit, running – the list goes on for the variety of what would seem like a single market. This means that a successful marketing campaign in today’s business world need to reflect this specificity. The new rules that Inc. Magazine lays out explain that the product must address the needs of a particular audience and have the message of the marketing campaign convert them into “advocates” for your brand.

This is a plan that is certainly fit to work, but it can be difficult at time to address exactly who your audience is. The following are a series of tips that you can use to understand your audience and develop a marketing strategy for them.

Who wants your product?

Social media is among the best channels to get a general survey of the audience to which you are looking to sell your product. Take a look over the people who have “liked” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. What do they seem to have in common?

The people who are looking to interact with your company via these outlets say a lot about your potential client base. A crowd that is young and into technology is going to respond differently to a certain product when compared to a middle aged crowd that uses technology out of necessity. The former might be looking for something that is capable of completing multiple tasks at once while the later might respond better to a product that offers simplicity. Being able to identify these character traits among your customers can go a long way in promoting your brand.

What do they want from your product?

The next aspect of your customer base to examine is what they look to gain from your product. When a customer chooses one company over another it is usually because they are looking for a company that can reflect how they see themselves.  When a person chooses one cola over another, or one shoe over another it is because they see that decision as an extension of themselves.

This means that your marketing campaign should reflect how you understand your customers. While it may not seem important that your product reflect a certain pulse for your consumers, this is an essential element of the decision making process for your market.

Have you been able successfully market your business? If so, what have you done to get more in touch with your customers?

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