Discover your branding in customer feedback

Not even a decade ago, businesses either operated online or offline – there was very little room for cross-platform integration. While at first the trend may have been to stick to one frontier, that phase quickly dissolved when professionals realized they could benefit from using online marketing tactics to boost brick-and-mortar conversion rates.

Professionals with classic marketing backgrounds that include implementing national campaigns for big brands have to grow accustomed to the new hybrid promotional strategies that have been so effective for many organizations. When branding your business, you need to look at the big picture, and try and understand how you can balance an online and offline marketing campaign. In most cases, you'll realize that what you say on the internet can complement what you've been saying offline all along.

In fact, the best way to cement your brand image in today's complex marketplace is through your marketing, and continuously affirming your professional mission statement. Here are two tips to discovering and building your brand in your industry.

1.) Talk to your customers – When you begin marketing to professionals, you want to make sure the content you're sending resonates with the intended audience. The only way you can be completely sure that your messages make an impact is by getting on the ground, speaking with your customers and asking for feedback.

2.) Build a community – Consumers want to feel like they're appreciated by the brands they choose to do business with. As a marketing professional, you should exploit this need as much as possible and create an interactive community in which your buyers can congregate and exchange information. This can be done effectively through social media, which has already proven to benefit branding exponentially.

Your branding is important – it's what differentiates you from your competition. You might find that your customers can help you discover what makes your brand unique, so make sure you reach out and ask for their opinions. 

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