Direct mail is still worthy of your attention

The marketplace was once a simpler space. Marketers reached out to buyers and told them about the products and services they had to offer, and consumers sat back and waited for these brands to speak with them directly. However, that mentality is completely different today – consumers run for cover from the aggressive promotional copy that clogs the airwaves. In turn, it is much harder for brands to identify their target audience, and even more difficult to figure out what channels to use in building rapport with those people.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding inbound marketing – the practice of using social media, content marketing and other digital verticals to provide information to consumers looking for solutions to their problems. There is certainly value in being there for consumers when they need you most, but you should not abandon all outbound practices in the process. There is still reason to use direct mail , especially in building rapport with shoppers through lead generation marketing.

Direct mail is unique in that it is physical promotional content – recipients can feel the paper in their hands, and the bright graphics can stick out in a pile of junk mail. With a significant population of brands only promoting their offerings online, the space has become oversaturated, and you may find it easier to make positive first impressions using print.

Of course, in an effort to reach your audience, don’t abandon digital marketing either. In fact, it’s even more important today to establish a marketing balance. When you can spread your content across a few proven verticals, you may find that your target audience is receiving a manageable balance of information, all of which uses unique characteristics to build loyalty.

Take a step back and consider how print media can complement your marketing efforts – you might find that your ROI is more favorable with a clever direct mail approach.

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