Combating technical problems

Technology is supposed to streamline business functions, but many companies have become completely reliant on their hardware. According to a survey conducted by the Brother International Corporation, 75 percent of small business owners stated that their operations are disrupted more by malfunctions than when workers call in sick.

“The consequences of a crash can leave a business operation fully exposed to the danger of costly system downtime and data recovery fees that come with technology failures,” Patrick Rardin, CEO of Eagle Feather Enterprises, told Fox Business.

Indeed, few issues can be worse than a technical failure. Imagine you ran a company and its operations depended solely on internet connectivity and your network failed almost every day for a week. You might be able to skirt the issue by asking employees to work from home, but that’s only a temporary solution at best.

Technology can be your best resource and worst hindrance, and overcoming mechanical failures is a massive component of managing your small business. Read on for a look at some ways you can overcome technical headaches.

Have redundancy
Ideally, your primary system would be functional at all times. However, technology doesn’t always follow your plans. A computer could crash, your internet service provider’s network could fail or dozens of other problems could occur at the exact wrong moment. For instance, imagine losing your Wi-Fi connection in the middle of a video conference with your biggest client.

That’s why it’s always important to have backup systems in place. When you have two separate technologies operating at full capacity, you’ll reduce the odds of one’s failure leading to a complete stop in productivity. You can start with as something as simple as having laptops available in case an employee’s computer crashes or a contingency as massive as a second internet network. Carefully review your technological infrastructure and build back copies of all necessary components.

Have a tech team
Not all employees are technically inclined. To some workers, computers and related devices are difficult to use even when they’re functioning properly. In many cases, some staff members won’t be able to fix their gadgets in the event of an issue, so you need to have a reliable team comprised of members who can repair technical problems.

A tech support staff is essential in the modern workplace. As businesses have become more and more reliant on hardware and online connectivity, repair personnel are important for fixing any small issue that appears.

Go analog
In some cases, the only way to prevent technology from disrupting operations is to do things the old-fashioned way. Relying on traditional techniques can ensure that productivity remains relatively high while the tech team searches for a solution. For instance, if you rely on video conferences for meeting with clients, call them on the phone and resume the discussion. Search for analog alternatives to digital processes so that all critical functions can continue despite a malfunction.

How do you overcome technological problems in your business?


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