5 Types of Business Cards That Set The Bar

Your business card is a first impression and one of countless opportunities to promote your brand.  The traditional business card has evolved.  Today, you have to manage connecting on social networks, utilizing QR codes and the range of your audiences usability of these platform.  While one person may be comfortable and embrace engagement online and via mobile, others may still rely on email and phone communication.   With many ways to foster a relationship, it’s very important to keep your call-to-actions clear.  Drive people only to the social networks you actual have a strong presence on and interact with regularly.  Here are some examples of business cards.

1.  Pure Utility – create a reason to stay top of mind.

2.  Creative Play – make a lasting impression.

3.  Keep It Simple – default to a professional and clean.

4. QR Code – take advantage of curiosity and technology.


5.   Make It Durable – use a material that will outlast the rest.

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