5 Great Reasons to Become a Cox Business Social Ambassador

Creating social media posts can be incredibly rewarding. Earning a like or favorite, a retweet or a new follower always makes you feel like you’ve gotten something done. But while significant social media numbers looks great on your screen, turning those numbers into real-world benefits can sometimes be tough to pull off.

Enter the Cox Business Social Ambassador program. With the Social Ambassador program, we help you figure out how to make your position in the industry work for you.

The Size of Your Following Doesn’t Matter

First of all, it’s important to know that it doesn’t take a huge following to be a great Social Ambassador. More important than any follower or sharing metrics is that you are a trusted voice in your social community, regardless of size.

How do you build trust and become the kind of personality that we’re looking for? Trust comes down to a combination of factors. Remember that it’s called social media. One of the biggest things that can build trust is those unique human-to-human interactions that can only happen when you open a direct line of communication up to anyone who wants to have a conversation. Building a community takes time, but the first step is to get people engaged, which is as simple as getting them talking.

As Entrepreneur puts it in their look at managing your social media identity, the two most important factors in building trust are being genuine and having a two-way conversation. These two go hand-in-hand. You can’t have a two-way conversation if you’re not genuine, and it’s easier to be genuine in actual human-to-human interactions, as opposed to broadcasting your message out into the void.

So what’s the takeaway? Start conversations and throw the ball over to your followers, instead of spending all of your time talking about yourself. It doesn’t work at parties, and it definitely doesn’t work on social media. Instead, build trust by having actual interactions.

Stand Out in Your Industry

A significant benefit of being a Social Ambassador is that it gives you the extra boost you need to stand out in our industry, and connect with customers, prospects and local business leaders and decision makers that are relevant to you and your business.

Here are some of the primary areas where we now focus our content: entrepreneurs, small business, start-ups, enterprise business, business technology, hospitality, IT, digital health, education, retail (K12 and Higher Ed), business leadership, marketing, social media, and more.

Being a Social Ambassador means that you’ll get access to daily, curated content that is easy to share with your network to increase your thought leadership and subject matter expertise (SME). Additionally, you’ll get the benefit of amplification from the our Cox Business community via the Cox Blue and Cox Business social channels, which can broaden your credibility and thought leadership, while increasing personal visibility online and in the local community.

Cox Business Social Ambassadors Get Great Perks

In addition to the ways that being a Social Ambassador can boost your social media presence, there are also some real perks to getting involved. You can qualify for Monthly Amplifi points, gift cards, or even trips to conferences and events like Get Started, SXSW, Inside Sales, HIMSS  and more.

We want our Cox Business Social Ambassadors to be at events that matter to them and their career – we want you to be where the action is. With access to special events like these, you can foster powerful connections between business leaders, owners, peers, and influencers.

We love to surprise and delight our social ambassadors with great one-of-a-kind events and opportunities also. In the past, we’ve been backstage at UFC PPV events, in luxury suites at NBA games, front and center for concerts and at private VIP networking and after-party events during Get Started.

Networking That Works

Being a Cox Business Social Ambassador means that you’re joining a community of great people who are all trying to make a difference in business verticals that that are important our core business. The opportunities to grow your personal brand and increase engagement across your social networks can be amazing.

As a Cox VIP, you’ll be invited attend local meetups, networking events, and more. The hardest part about networking can be starting a conversation. However, when you go to a Cox event, you’ll already know that you have something in common.

Recognition You Deserve

In addition to perks, amplification, and networking opportunities, there’s also the recognition that comes with being a part of an industry leader. You’ll get invitations to exclusive, Cox Social Ambassador only webinars, Q & A’s, and online events with key business leaders, authors, and celebrities. These kinds of special events may be just what you’re looking for to help you take your sales, role or career to the next level.

What You Can Do Right Now

Becoming a Cox Business Social Ambassador comes with a lot of benefits. If you’re looking to stand out and make a difference, there are a lot of great reasons to join.

  • You don’t need to have a massive following to become an ambassador. Instead, work on building trust through real, person-to-person interactions. We’ll teach you how to grow a network of targeted, and engaged followers.
  • Get daily, curated content that can help you stand out in your network and community.
  • Enjoy great perks like Amplifi points, special events, trips to conferences, and one-of-a-kind experiences.
  • Attend Cox related events online and in-person.
  • Get access to unique opportunities that can turn into engaging content to share with your social network
  • Be part of an amazing and rewarding social business community
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