3 tips to improve your business blog

A blog can be a tremendous asset for your company. With a business blog, you can improve your content marketing, increase customer loyalty and establish your brand’s voice. While creating and maintaining a high-quality blog is undoubtedly a lot of hard work, there are a number of strategies you can follow to significantly improve your results.

Here are just a few tips to consider for better business blogging.

blog31. Ask for feedback
One of the keys for an effective business blog, and for any content marketing, is the need to take into account what your readers want. If a blog doesn’t offer real, meaningful value to consumers, they won’t read it. It’s as simple as that.

What’s more complicated is figuring out what it is that your consumers want. Naturally, you’ll want to provide content that is related to your sector, but that’s just a starting point. You need to go deeper, get more specific. And a great way to do just that is by asking your feedback. Write a few blogs and then see what kind of a response you receive in the comments section and through social media.

Then go further. Don’t just ask for readers to offer their feedback – actually seek it out. Email your subscribers and provide an incentive to read your blog and provide their reactions. Maybe you can have a contest, where anyone who fills out a survey is entered to win a prize. Maybe providing feedback automatically earns the individual a discount on his or her next purchase.

Giving feedback takes time and effort, and a lot of people won’t want to cooperate unless they receive a reward of some sort. But that feedback can be extremely helpful as you plan the future of your business blog. Offering an incentive to get that invaluable information is definitely worthwhile.

2. Get personal
There are a lot of business blogs on the Internet today, many of which are fighting for the same core readers. If you want to gain and hold on to readers, you need to really stand out from the competition. One of the best ways of doing this is to make your blog posts more personal.

blog2For example, you can transform your blog into combination personal/business blog. Write in the first person as yourself and give your own opinion on industry news, your company, anything that should be useful and interesting to your readers. By doing so, you can inject your own personality into the business blog, making it more engaging and interesting than the typical corporate, jargon-heavy blog. If you can do this well, you’ll gain loyal readers who care about both you and your company.

Alternatively, you can use your business blog to focus on specific customers and clients. Highlight success stories, discuss how these companies or individuals have used your products and services. Get specific – the more details you provide, the more engaging your content will be (this is assuming the client consents, of course). Again, this can make your blog seem like a more personality-driven offering, which helps it to attract and retain readers’ interest.

blog13. Share the spotlight
Finally, you should be willing to share the spotlight. While you don’t want to promote a competitor, it can be extremely beneficial to highlight other businesses. You can discuss lessons gleaned from another firm’s success, or talk about what one company’s experience suggests about your whole industry.

If you limit your blog to topics directly related to your own company, you may struggle to produce content regularly. And an infrequently updated blog is an ineffective blog.

What blogging strategies do you use?

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