3 steps to designing a memorable logo

Starting your own business is a significant undertaking, so you want to make sure you take the appropriate steps to achieve success. There are a lot of intricate details you need to become aware of when managing a start-up, but when it comes to branding your business, you need a logo that resonates with your intended target audience. While branding only comes after you've established who your competition is, the industry you'll compete in and who your customers are, having a memorable logo is essential for superior marketing.

Here are three tips to consider when conceptualizing your company's logo.

1.) Avoid the abstract – While companies like Movado and Converse are known for their products' unique characteristics, these brands have been in the marketplace for a while and have cultivated their reputations. As a start-up, you cannot afford to try and establish yourself using an abstract image – people won't remember it as much. Instead, stick to using your company's name. With some creative thinking and a quality designer, the name of your business can grab consumer attention and represent your unique characteristics.

2.) Don't overthink your logo – Many business owners are under the impression that their logos need to be fancy and complex. However, when you're attempting to sell to consumers or clients in your industry, your logo isn't what they're interested in – it's your products or services. While a logo can represent all that you stand for, you shouldn't overthink the process or waste resources conceptualizing an intricate design.

3.) Remain loyal – After you've designed a logo you're happy with and begun to include it on your marketing materials, don't change the final result. One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is inadvertently altering their brand image by playing with the color of their logos. Remember to remain loyal to your initial gut feeling about your logo, and don't rebrand your company if it's not necessary.

What are some other tips you might consider when designing a logo?

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