5 Simple Ways to Find Content & Share

Being social media savvy doesn’t mean finding the right content to post should be difficult.  Here are some ways you can gather content and provide value to your audience.  Share things that are relevant, interesting, useful and hopefully funny ever so often.

LinkedIn Groups

Look at groups you’re in, the groups connections are in or new groups that offer great information.  You can arrange to receive an email that summarizes the group’s activity regularly.


While no one want to get bombarded with emails, subscribing to your top publications and resources is a great way to pull additional lists of article, videos, etc., all in your inbox.

Google Reader

If you’re familiar – great!  If you’re not – it’s easy!  Put all the posts from your favorite blogs in one place.  Google reader allows you to take a site or blog’s rss feed and add it so their post will appear.

  1. Look for an rss link or icon and click
  2. Google Reader should appear or you can create a new account
  3. Done! Start reading.

Whether it’s daily or weekly, you can read through your stream and post as you go.   This can be done online or via the Google reader mobile application on the go.

Twitter Lists

Easy as can be.  Start following the people, sites and info that you love and find useful.  Utilize your feed for awesome content.  Be smart when choosing who to following for this purpose – focus on content rather than chatter.

Google Alerts

One of, if not the best.

Google Alerts is a tool that uses keywords or phrases that you enter to provide a list of search results in an email.

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/alerts
  2. Enter the keyword(s) or phrase(s) you are interested in.  For example, “Marketing events in New York”
  3. Determine what type of result you want.  It’s fine to leave this one as default.
  4. How ofter do you want to receive an email?
  5. How many results would you like?  We recommend “Only the best results” to save on time and overload.
  6. Provide your email.

Hope this gets you started.