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Beyond the Fairway – Cox Business and Community Partners Drive Wichita Open to New Heights

The Wichita Open and Cox Business Pro-Am 2024

The recent Wichita Open, a significant event on the Korn Ferry Tour, once again demonstrated its significance in Kansas last week. Held at the Crestview Country Club from June 12th to 16th, the tournament wasn’t just about sport of golf; it also highlighted the strong bond between professional golf and the local community.

The festivities began with the Pro-Am tournament, a beloved tradition that pairs local business and community leaders with Korn Ferry Tour professionals. Fifty-two teams teed off, fostering new and long-standing connections amidst a friendly competition. This event, sponsored by Cox Business, showcases the company’s dedication to building local business relationships and supporting the communities it serves.

Wichita Open Celebrates Its 34th Year

Celebrating its 34th Year, the Wichita Open continued its legacy as one of the longest-standing tournaments on the Korn Ferry Tour. Excitement mounted as the main event neared and over 150 golfers competed for a coveted PGA Tour card on Crestview’s meticulously manicured fairways.

The atmosphere buzzed with energy throughout the five days of the Pro-Am and Wichita Open tournaments. Spectators lined up along the course, witnessing thrilling lead changes unfold over each day of competition and culminating in an exciting final finish.

Each round highlighted the players’ skill, determination, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. As the final round ended, Taylor Dickson emerged victorious, leaving his mark on the history of the Wichita Open. Dickson’s win showcased his exceptional talent and ability to thrive under pressure and reflected the Wichita community’s warm and friendly spirit.

Supporting The Community

The impact of the Wichita Open goes beyond just golf. The tournament boosts the local economy by generating revenue for numerous regional and local businesses. As Cynthia Cross, Cox Business Director of Sales for Kansas, states, the event also serves as a platform for raising funds to give back to the community. Over the years, the Wichita Open has donated over 1 million dollars back to the local community.

Local sponsors also play a crucial role in ensuring the tournament’s success. Cox Business, a dedicated supporter of the Wichita Open for several years, demonstrates its commitment to fostering community ties through its sponsorship. Their involvement enhances the tournament’s visibility and highlights how corporate partnerships contribute to promoting and strengthening local events.

Wichita Mayor Lily Wu at the Wichita Open

The 2024 edition of the Wichita Open was an outstanding achievement on multiple fronts. It not only displayed top-tier golfing talent but also strengthened bonds within the community and business sector while giving a boost to the local economy. Above all, it served as a reminder of how sporting events can unite people and inspire communities.

Congratulations and Thank You

Congratulations to Taylor Dickson on his fantastic win and to all the players participating in the 2024 Wichita Open. Everyone’s dedication and sportsmanship are genuinely inspiring. A big shoutout to the Wichita community for supporting this incredible event. Your love for the game and efforts to make the Wichita Open a success are extraordinary.

The 2024 Wichita Open will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of the local community for years to come. Thank you, Wichita. We look forward to the next chapter in the rich history of this Korn Ferry Tour staple, confident that the spirit of golf and community will continue to flourish in the heart of Kansas.

Wichita Open 2024 – Cox Business Pro Am Teams

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