Email marketing still going strong

These days, it can be easy to overlook the importance of email when marketing your business.

email1But the fact of the matter is that email marketing has not diminished in significance. On the contrary, marketers continue to rely heavily on email, as a recent GigaOM survey highlighted.

Email popularity
The survey found that in the second quarter of this year, 86 percent of U.S. digital marketers relied on email regularly, eMarketer reported. This made email the single most popular marketing channel among those surveyed.

Furthermore, 56 percent of respondents said that email marketing was the most effective option for achieving customer retention, according to the news source. The next most effective resource was social media marketing, chosen by only 37 percent of participants. Forty-one percent of respondents said that email marketing was effective for increasing awareness, 37 percent for increasing questions and 42 percent for conversions.

This made email marketing the overall most powerful, effective marketing tool available to businesses, eMarketer explained. Not surprisingly, one-fourth of those surveyed said they will increase their email marketing expenditures in the near future.

Mobile opportunities
Despite the popularity of email as a marketing medium, the news source suggested that there’s still room for growth. Specifically, eMarketer pointed to the potential for renewed email campaigns focusing on mobile audiences. The source noted that a recent poll found that almost three-fourths of all participating consumers said they had checked their email on a mobile device.

med234025Other studies have suggested that soon more people will turn to their mobile devices for email than desktops or laptops. This suggests that email marketing campaigns can prove even more effective in the coming years, but only if businesses adapt.

If you are eager to take advantage of mobile email marketing for your business, your biggest priority should be making sure that your emails are easy to read on smaller screens. That means using shorter subject lines and generally keeping your messages brief and to the point.

You should also test all of your email messages to make sure they appear clean and attractive on mobile devices. This is especially true if you are embedding images or videos, as they may not function the same on a smartphone as a desktop.

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