20 Powerful Stats & Charts Every Marketer Must Know

Our partners at HubSpot do a great job of providing data-driven resources.  At the end of the day, data is what should drive decision making.  While your own data is most important, educating yourself on what the experts do, what’s proving successful for your competitors and what they’re not doing puts you ahead in the game.

  • 89% of marketers are maintaining or increasing their inbound marketing budgets.What this means for your business: If you are not actively working on new ways to acquire inbound leads, you will be behind and sales will potentially suffer.  Get moving with useful content and a voice prospects want to subscribe to or download.
  • 80% of email marketers send the same content to all subscribers.What this means for your business: There is a HUGE opportunity to beat the competitor on relevance.  Find new ways to send personal creative messaging based on purchase behavior, email open and click through, seasonal promotions, audience specific themes, etc.  Make it relevant and numbers can skyrocket.
  • Blog reading peaks around 10 in the morning. What this means for your business: Either manually post or schedule posts around 10 a.m. and/or pay attention to what times of the day you are seeing traffic hit your site, posts and when people are sharing to determine your own peaks.

Get the other 17, plus “120 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts & Graphs” from HubSpot, which can be downloaded here.


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