Meet The Gainesville Startup Showcase Finalists

Cox Business is partnering with StartupGNV and the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention to bring the Gainesville Startup Showcase to the 2019 CelebrateGNV year-end event on November 21st. We are excited to share the finalists for the Gainesville Startup Showcase as the competition approaches.

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BookMark’d is an app that operates as an intermediary marketplace for college students across the United States. We connect student buyers to student sellers on their college campuses. Our app allows students to sell textbooks at the price they want, meet the student buyer on campus for a quick textbook exchange, and also allows the student buyer to inquire about the class the student is selling the textbook for.


Research Blocks

Research Blocks is a software startup focused on creating transparency and credibility in various health-related industries. We are implementing a patent-pending duel-ledger system to track and timestamp the supplement manufacturing process. Then, via a scannable certification mark, we openly share that process with consumers. This will verify the quality of products in the market and give those products, certified with the Research Blocks’ mark, a competitive advantage.


brio! is a premium ready-to-drink bottled cold brew coffee company that challenges industry standards on freshness. We’re averaging 21 days from harvest to bottle and the result is a bright, fruity and refreshing cold brew that elevates the perception of coffee.


Laundr is a three-sided platform consisting of users, drivers, and washers or laundromats organized in a peer-to-peer model. This model enables the company to provide a premium laundry delivery service for a fraction of the cost of other laundry delivery services. Laundr will not only become the first affordable premium laundry service, but it will also employ thousands of independent contractors, providing supplementary income for simple and easy home-based labor.


Resility Health
Resility Health uses the power of technology and machine learning to provide convenient and effective stress management, personalized for each individual. Our mobile app-based programs for teenagers combine proven stress management techniques, biofeedback from wearable sensors, and support from our virtual coaches.


Orchard allows senior citizens to “rent a grandkid” who are empathetic and technically savvy to get assistance on technology in-person at their home. We are half a marketplace and half a service company that operates off of an Uber-like model, carry out GeekSquad services while delivering AARP-like value missions to restore technology independence in senior citizens.


SmartSteward. Antibiotic Adjuvant, Inc., dba SmartStewardTM (the Company) is part of a new wave of technology companies that improve patient outcomes by transforming the way healthcare data is recorded, analyzed, shared and reported. The Company is dedicated to improving clinical outcomes by reducing the misuse of antibiotics and providing real-time analytics of infection events. SmartStewardTM, the Company’s software platform, combines informatics with appropriate and precise communication to create a coordinated, continuous improvement culture that includes physicians, nurses and administrators.

FaceR is providing a trustworthy facial recognition smart lock integration. FaceR fits in your smart home with the purpose of conveniently sharing door access and never having to remember a key again, all while maximizing your privacy and home security.


Boss Helmet
The Boss Helmet is the best suited and safest football helmet that can protect the players today. While most of the football helmets have two forms of protection, to protect the players from a concussion and head injury, the Boss Helmet has 5 forms of protection- 9 separate individual panels as an outer shell, shocks, bosses, inner liner helmet, and specially designed head padding.

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