What drives more traffic to mobile applications?

The rate at which users are moving to mobile engagement over traditional web browsing is increasing. However, the content that resonates with consumers the most has strong social ties, especially when it comes to mobile applications. In your next attempt to conceptualize mobile marketing strategies for your application, consider how direct calls to action and seamless user experiences can mean the difference between minimal engagement and active involvement.

According to a recent study conducted by xAd and Telematics with data provided by Nielsen, approximately 66 percent of mobile searchers notice mobile ads, while only 33 percent actually click what they see. The content that encourages the most engagement is associated with local offers or clear promotions, and you should consider this evidence when implementing your own campaigns.

“Calls are a key activity along the mobile path to purchase and the study confirms that mobile marketers should ensure their campaigns include phone numbers as most consumers want to connect with the business before making a final purchase decision,” Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics, said to Search Engine Watch. “If an ad or listing doesn’t have local relevance at the time of action, the consumer will move on to the next business so including local phone numbers rather than toll-free is helpful.”

In terms of social app usage, this same advice is applicable. The best way to drive more traffic to your program is by including calls to action that direct your users to engage in a variety of ways. If you want consumers to make purchases from your app directly, make sure the questions they may have can be easily answered with a quick telephone call. On the other hand, you might just want to increase social sharing of content through your app, so provide integration tools that help people post to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

A truly social application is one that will create a positive user experience. What are some other ways you can improve content sharing through applications?