Using coupons in mobile marketing

In many ways, smartphones are ideally suited for coupons. Consumers typically have them right in their pocket as they shop and, as more merchants incorporate digital barcode scanning, they can be used directly at checkout – no printing or scissor-clipping necessary.

Indeed, shoppers are increasingly receptive to mobile coupons, particularly for groceries and other necessary goods, according to a new study by With the number of smartphones on the market and the time users spend on them each day both rapidly increasing, the inclusion of coupons in businesses’ mobile marketing strategies is becoming extremely important.

However, this tactic is also relatively new. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, are still trying to learn how to use this technique effectively.

Read on for a few tips on including coupons and scannable barcodes in your business’ mobile marketing campaign.

Time-sensitive coupons
According to internet advertising authority Adotas, most SMS text messages are read within three and a half minutes of delivery. This creates a unique opportunity for companies to reach their audience incredibly quickly. If you are sending a coupon via text message, you can rest assured knowing many recipients will read and consider it almost immediately. Take advantage of this by offering a special deal for that day. This way, consumers will be aware of the bargain and feel a little urgency to cash in.

In the game of attracting customers, this could make a huge difference. Instead of a traditional coupon or even a banner ad on a website, you have a great chance of catching the customer while he or she is out and, therefore, in prime position to use the coupon.

Vary offers
With that said, it is also important to offer varied promotions. Not all people use their smartphones in the same way, so it may be worthwhile to include an occasional coupon that can be redeemed at any point. In the survey, 26 percent of consumers said they would be receptive to offers they could pursue at leisure.