Top three mobile applications for business professionals

As a business professional you are most likely always on the go. Emails can quickly pile up in your inbox, meetings are being scheduled and the to-do list is constantly added on to. The advancement of modern technology can help you organize tasks and get off the phone, away from the office and back to living your personal life, if you implement the use of the latest tools.

Here are three mobile applications to consider downloading to your smartphone:

1. MobileDay. If you frequently have to sign into a conference via your mobile phone, this is the application for you. According to Inc. Magazine, the application works with your conference call service by looking through your calendar, reminding you of the call and allowing you to click the line and dial the necessary code without having to search through your emails for the right extension and numbers. So, when you’re about to start a conference call about the latest lead generation marketing scheme being deployed, try and use this application to reduce stress while staying connected.

2. Evernote. Entrepreneurs who use sticky notes to remind themselves to complete a task or a contact’s information will love Evernote. The easy-to-use application allows you to write down information, save the note and then search back for it later using a keyword finder. In addition, Evernote can be synced with any computer and can you can take audio notes, capture images and store documents.

3. Google Maps. Don’t struggle to find a client’s office ever again. The Google Maps application can provide you with driving, walking and even public transportation directions to locations in cities, suburbs or rural drive locations. The free app allows you to get where you need to with minimal hassle.

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