Tips for using Pinterest to increase business exposure

Pinterest has emerged as one of the hottest social media trends in recent times. The social networking site allows users to create their own online bulletin boards where they can ‘pin’ items of interest, including businesses. Companies can take advantage of this as a unique way of reaching out to and connecting with their fans. However, successful leveraging of Pinterest’s capabilities requires more than simply pinning digital items to an online board. Here are several tips on how to effectively turn Pinterest into one of the best marketing strategies for small business.

One of the best ways of doing so is by using Pinterest contributor boards which are, according to Social Media Examiner, a little-known feature that is efficacious in getting others to contribute to your board. The news source reports that one plight that small business owners are often faced with is not having the time to manage every aspect of their business, and social media often falls to the wayside. By using contributor boards on Pinterest, small business owners can let the larger Pinterest community do most of the work, as they pin items and interact with the other members of your audience.

There are numerous benefits to delving into this sort of open-source community-based venture like the contributor board. The first and most important benefit to many small business owners is simply the ability to get more followers from the exposure that they receive across their contributors’ own Pinterest pages, Social Media Examiner reports. Additionally, oftentimes users will choose to “follow all boards” on a certain contributor’s account. If they happen to be a contributor on your page, your company’s board will inevitably end up being followed as well. While this often leads to passive followers, rather than the more important and valuable active contributors, small business owners can be creative in turning passive community members into active ones.

Finally, PR News Online recommends leveraging Pinterest into search engine optimization (SEO) exposure. This can be easily done by creating links back to your webpage or other related sites, as well as using back links to take followers to your site. Additionally, making your pin as interesting as possible will increase the chances that it will then be repinned on other followers’ boards, further bolstering the SEO measures of your company.

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