The power of Instagram and Pinterest continues to impress marketers

Social media has quickly become an essential part of marketing, and you would be wise to use as many networking systems as possible for branding your business. Of course, you have likely heard of and often used platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote products to consumers. However, new niche social networks also hold enormous value in the consumer market today. Services like Pinterest and Instagram have surpassed expectations, and each avenue can help spread the word about the work you do and the products or services you provide. Here is a closer look at the two social networks.

Pinterest is a digital pin board that allows users to compile images they come across all over the web. With a simple click of a button, graphics on their favorite blogs can be posted to their profiles for friends and family to see. This technology can also be used by businesses as a way to unveil new products and share content with Pinterest followers. It seems that there may be no easier way to initiate conversation about a new product than with Pinterest, as it appeals to the visual needs of consumers and can be easily shared among people. It is no wonder then that Pinterest has grown 5,124 percent in North America between July 2011 and July 2012, Experian reports.

Instagram is also a visual social media platform, except users photograph their own images, apply unique filters and then publish content to their accounts or share the posts on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to a Pinterest account, brands have discovered that managing an Instagram profile can also be an effective way of engaging with consumers and developing unique corporate brands. This social network has also seen enormous growth in the United States, increasing its outreach by 17,319 percent in North America alone, according to the source.

What’s more, hiring demand for Instagram skills also increased 5,000 percent in July 2012 compared to the previous year, according to Wanted Analytics. This surge in employment further proves the importance of niche social media marketing in today’s interactive marketplace.

“The growth of both Instagram and Pinterest over the past year has been phenomenal,” said Digital Insights Manager at Experian James Murray, according to Search Engine Watch. “The reason for their success is that they haven’t tried to be ‘another Facebook.’ Instead, they both identified a gap in the market and used the scale of Facebook to reach consumers.”

Are you using Instagram or Pinterest? How have these services helped you brand your business?

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