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The leads you look for are on Facebook

If you’ve been hesitant to implement a social media marketing strategy to help appeal to wider audiences, you might want to begin brainstorming now. Lead generation marketing can help you build a deeper customer base, which translates directly to higher profit margins. Understanding how social media and content marketing have evolved over the past two years can help you better understand where new professional opportunities lie.

According to a recent report published by Nielsen, social media and blogs reach 80 percent of all active U.S. internet users, of which there are 245 million. This is a significant consumer base that, if neglected, will minimize promotional advantages for businesses across all industry sectors. However, knowing people engage with online content is only helpful if the appropriate verticals are used to advertise products and services. As a business owner, you might not know which platform would complement your marketing efforts most.

Fortunately, comScore released a study that found one in seven minutes spent online is on the social media service Facebook. With this insight, you may be more prepared to implement promotional campaigns that reach the rather large audience of people congregating online.

Nevertheless, you cannot expect Facebook to generate all of your conversations, especially with the network going through its own struggles lately. This social media platform should drive traffic to more traditional e-commerce locations. This can be achieved by posting well-written content supported by compelling calls to action. When you are able to align your company’s blog and social media accounts, you will have a congruent internet presence that resonates with consumers.

While you might still be on the fence about the effectiveness of social media marketing, take that leap of faith sooner rather than later. The practices associated with promoting products and services on Facebook are relatively affordable, so a small investment may generate a high return.

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