The influence SEO has had in 2012 and beyond

In August 2012, there were 3 billion searches conducted online each day, according to a webinar conducted by Hubspot and SEOmoz. The research, entitled “The State of SEO & Internet Marketing in 2012,” delved into recent discoveries in the world of online marketing, and how trends have influenced progress in the niche field. Through this data, you may be able to come away with a few search engine optimization tips that could greatly help your business.

Here are some key findings from the webinar
The study estimates that Google’s algorithm changes between 500 and 600 times per year, and internet users only hear about a few, major updates. This is significant, and supports the notion that online marketing campaigns need to be managed and maintained regularly to see favorable results.

While there are many SEO techniques that can help improve visibility on the web, some practices are proven to be more effective than others. Based on a SEOmoz survey of 4,431 respondents that have job responsibilities in SEO, content creation is the predominant tactic being embraced because it is proven to work. The second most used concept is social and community management, which saw huge growth in 2011, spurring Local SEO campaigns ever since.

Another interesting point the webinar made was that more than 50 percent of search queries have no paid ads at all, which means organic search optimization should be the primary practice used on the web by marketers.

For larger brands, it may be harder to adjust practices to allocate resources toward SEO campaigns, but it’s a necessary tactic, and companies of every size should embrace it as an essential addition to the marketing mix.

If you haven’t begun your own SEO campaign, it’s never too late to start.

Martin Jones

Martin Jones is a Senior Marketing Manager with the corporate Cox Communications social media team where he assists in leading strategy, campaign ideation and marketing execution for Cox Business social media & content marketing. Today, over 1 million fans engage with Cox Communications content, campaigns and Customer Care on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. LinkedIn and Google+.