Studies show women engage on social media more than men

Lead generation marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. In some instances, businesses prefer to have generic outreach solutions that encourage the people who navigate to specific websites to enter their contact information. The action builds a solid lead list, but it does not always grab the attention of the most qualified spenders. What’s more, when targeting specific consumers, this tactic does not always work. There needs to be a clearly defined strategy to reach out to the ideal candidates in your audience, as some demographics offer more spending power than others.

Throughout history, women have always impacted buying habits. Currently, female consumers control approximately 85 percent of purchasing in the United States, according to Sheconomy. With so many women consumers willing to purchase products from brands that speak to their needs, you might want to ramp up your efforts to appeal to these buyers, especially if your products or services are predominantly used by this audience.

While you may try and send these buyers specific mailings or create advertising campaigns that appeal to them on larger marketing channels, social media could be the most cost-effective and beneficial tool you can wield.

Women are often more present on social media than men, reports a recent Mashable article. For example, on Facebook alone, females are 55 percent more engaged than males. Additionally, nearly 55 percent of women are also more likely to purchase products or services from the brands they interact with on Facebook. While you don’t want to alienate an entire gender from your marketing, you should become aware of how to communicate to certain audiences, and where those people spend the bulk of their time online.

Do your products appeal to women more than men? If this is the case, make sure you are using social media marketing to reach female audiences.