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Social media trends to watch out for in 2013

This past year might be remembered down the line as the year in which social media networks really began to explode and assert their dominance over the rest of the marketing industry. In 2012, small businesses that did not have strong and relevant social media presences were falling by the wayside. Even participating in the social media field required more than just signing up for a Facebook and Twitter account, as users became more savvy and demanded more nuances. The upcoming year promises a continued acceleration and proliferation of social media as one of the best marketing strategies for small business. Here are some social media trends for 2013 to keep an eye out for.

Real time becomes more important than real place
One of the strongest assets of social media is that it is always updating in real time, with the wide community of users practically logged in around the clock and providing status updates and posting links. Additionally, virtually distributed labor has become much more popular, with employees, clients and customers all over the country and the world. Therefore, it is more essential for your social media account to be updated on a real-time basis than to check-into locations and reflect a real place.

Big data continues growing
While social media has had a dramatic impact in a variety of different areas – from providing absolute real-time updates to letting users take a peek behind the scenes – its most telling contribution might be in the inundation of information. With access to such unprecedented volumes of information in this day and age, it is important for your small business to leverage that and continue pushing the boundaries of big data. According to Fast Company, 93 percent of North American executives believe their companies are not leveraging available data sufficiently. Take advantage of social media to gain access to big data and don’t let your company be one of the laggards.

Social advertising and marketing keeps evolving
The mobile revenue puzzle continues to trouble industry experts, Fast Company reports, so social media networks are likely to take the point position and keep evolving the industry. New social ad models such as Promoted Tweets and Sponsored Stories will continue to play a big role, but keep an eye out for new innovations. It is important to keep promoting and marketing through social media without raising the ire of consumers too greatly.

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