Social media planning helps efforts reach max success

There are many new technologies today that help marketers reach wider audiences. The downfall comes when professionals realize they’re tasked with more challenges, but aren’t always given more money to use toward the integration of new outreach tactics. As this trend continues to develop across all business sectors, there’s an increasing need to quantify the value of certain marketing efforts like social media.

While platforms like Twitter are great areas for branding your business, there needs to be a clear strategy or else precious and often limited resources will be wasted. Quantifying the value of social media can be difficult, especially for a newcomer. Therefore, it’s essential that a business of any size develops a superior strategy before it deploys its next online campaign. According to an eMarketer report, 80 percent of marketers incorrectly begin with tactics instead of goals. When a company starts with a specific mission and then works out a way to reach its goals, the success the company sees is often remarkable.

Search Engine Watch contributor Angie Schottmuller says she prefers to start social media planning with a “Who>Why>What>How” model to develop a cascading tree for “Scope>Mission>Goals>Tactics.” This means that the mission is previously defined, the market is identified and the means of communication are also outlined all before the first post has been made.

If through the conceptualization period, you decide Twitter is the best way to reach your audience, you now have to decide how you’ll create content that resonates with your intended audience. Fortunately, Twitter makes this easy with its new enhanced paid products for marketers. Brands can now target their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to specific subsets of users based on their interests. Now that the communicational path has been made simpler for marketers, the original social media mission becomes easier to achieve.

As a business owner, updates to social media marketing like the change implemented by Twitter can help improve metrics greatly. It’s important to keep abreast of new developments that may adjust or influence the scope, mission, goal and tactic used in lead generation, and your knowledge in how to embrace these new features can be your best asset.

When developing a social media marketing campaign, make sure you take the time to conduct extensive amounts of research into the channel you’ll use and the way you’ll measure success. Otherwise, your outreach programs may come up short.

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