SEO is more widely accepted today than it was a year ago

Turn the clocks back to the late 2000s and you would struggle to find a business owner who believed optimizing web content to adhere to search engines would help lead generation marketing. But the tides have turned, and today’s most competent businesses understand the value in online visibility. Of course, in order to improve search rankings, certain search engine optimization tips and content marketing strategies need to be developed and implemented.

However, the biggest challenge facing SEO ventures is the ability to get things done across departments in your organization. This means you need to get your content creators, tech teams, public relations executives, marketers and sales professionals all on the same page. Otherwise, you won’t see any significant difference in your lead generation practices or web visibility.

Fortunately, a recent study conducted by Search Engine Watch shows that SEO is more widely accepted in today’s professional world. The data revealed that 71 percent of search marketers report they are “more enabled” or “much more enabled” to affect change in the workplace and improve natural search optimization than they were a year ago. The fact is SEO has earned the attention of professionals across all industry sectors, and the effort has permeated throughout organizations in the United States.

With a higher percentage of professionals finding it easier to introduce SEO campaigns into their lead generation efforts, additional resources will become available to marketers everywhere. As a business owner, your job is to stay one step ahead of your competition, so even though you already take advantage of what SEO has to offer, remain active in your pursuit for higher response rates. Continue to diligently publish engaging content, and remember to treat the leads you generate as invaluable assets for your company. Keeping abreast of evolutions in the SEO industry can help you surpass the competition.

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