Relevance and timeliness is essential in mobile marketing

When conceptualizing mobile marketing strategies, it’s essential that you understand how local relevance and timing are key to converting mobile leads to buyers. In fact, specific consumer needs and verticals often influence the way mobile devices are used to make purchases. A recent study from xAd and Telmetrics provides further insight into consumer preferences pertaining to mobile commerce.

“Advertisers must understand consumer motivations and intent related to each specific vertical market they are searching within before deciding how and where to best engage them in mobile,” said xAd Vice President of Marketing Monica Ho.

Primarily, there are specific times that would be best to target niche audiences. Mobile searchers looking for restaurants often make immediate transactions. Approximately 85 percent of these people convert within a day of researching for deals. Similarly, in the auto industry, nearly 49 percent of searchers show purchasing intent when they look for information, and over half of those people end up buying the same day they investigated their options.

While the timeliness of this study shows that buyers are increasingly confident in purchasing from their mobile devices, it also shows that buyers prefer local marketing over national practices. According to the report, searchers prefer information related to local businesses. In fact, up to 84 percent of respondents reported they also use mobile search to look up business locations and then access maps or driving directions to help navigate to the destinations. In the digital era, mobile technology has integrated into varying aspects of daily life, from the researching of products to the discovery of purchasing destinations to the navigating to the actual business.

As a business owner, you need to be aware of the purchasing behaviors of your target audience. Are your buyers more likely to buy the same day they research, or do you need to nurture your leads to cultivate loyalty? The answers to these questions can help you tailor your mobile marketing campaigns to become more relevant to your buyers.