Pinterest can support your content marketing campaign

Business owners employ copywriters and online marketing experts to develop content that follows search engine optimization tips closely. SEO gives brands the opportunity to generate a significant portion of leads easily, and well-written content puts companies in a new position of authority on the web. While content creation often involves blogging, many more professionals are integrating various types of media into their social media marketing campaigns and improving brand exposure at the same time.

One platform that helps distribute content to a wider audience is Pinterest, which in September 2012 finally made it on comScore’s monthly list of the top 50 web properties in the United States. Last month, Pinterest found itself at number 50 on the list with an estimated 25.3 million visitors to its web property, not mobile application. The latest data puts Pinterest behind MySpace, which saw 26 million visitors, and sites like Instagram and Tumblr.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project estimates that 12 percent of all internet users use Pinterest, and that 19 percent of all female internet users visit the site. With a high number of active users, marketers have a chance to take advantage of the site’s expanding audience and encourage users to distribute its content to their network.

Pinterest is unique in that it’s also a bookmarking network. With an average of 45,739 pins per week, marketers can further promote the content they publish on their websites and content marketing campaigns can target a wider audience.

“Pinterest has the power to put publishers’ content in front of new people and drive traffic back to their sites,” Searchmetrics founder and CTO Marcus Tober said in a statement.

Marketers should integrate the Pinterest button near content and encourage readers to share the content with their digital networks. The social option can improve lead generation and spread content out on the web.

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