Pinterest – 3 Tips for Creating Captivating Content Around Your Brand


Looking for new and innovative ways to build up your brand? Sure, you have snazzy new business cards, and yep, you’ve finally found the perfect designer to make your website, but don’t forget about pinning! Pinterest is so much more than a virtual platform for sharing ideas, recipes and DIYs. It’s an opportunity for thousands of new people to see your brand –– the key is delivering the goods in an effective way.

The faster you start viewing Pinterest as a tool for brand-boosting, the faster your business will grow –– and it all starts with creating original material that you can link back to your site. Check out my top three tips for generating captivating content that will alert fellow Pinterest users to your brand and send them on a pinning spree!

Make Infographics

You want your Pinterest followers to be interested in each and every one of your posts, and the best way to do this is by monitoring who likes, comments on and re-pins ideas from your boards. Discover what gets them excited, and then get your designer-on and whip up some infographics. They’re super popular on Pinterest (people love a good instructional chart!) –– the key is creating infographics that your audience will be interested in, and making them visually appealing. Pinterest users are a design-savvy bunch, and the more aesthetically pleasing your original pins are, the more attention they’ll get!

Create Checklists

You can add value to your brand by simplifying your customers’ lives with a handy Pinterest checklist. Like infographics, checklists are visually appealing, and they’re an A+ way to share brand-boosting tips with clientele! Ideally, your Pinterest followers will see your checklist, love its simple layout and its content, and be inspired to re-pin up a storm –– which means more business for you!

Pin Videos

videos_pinPinterest users go nuts for fun, snappy instructional videos. They love to learn new techniques and “tricks of the trade,” so having a few mini-flicks on your board can be a great branding tool.

I suggest filming yourself sharing tips, insights or creative tutorials, and pinning them from YouTube or Vimeo (you can film your computer screen using Screenflow or Camtasia).

Make sure to keep the videos simple (people tend to have short attention spans when they’re browsing the internet), and it’s always a good idea to add a compelling title in a great font.

Remember, Pinterest is all about visuals –– the better looking your pins are, the more attention they’ll grab, and the more they’ll be re-pinned.

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