New Media Expo 2014: Making Your Blog Rock With Barry Feldman

barry_feldmanWe’re back for the afternoon session here at New Media Expo 2014 from the Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative is currently bringing the house down with guitar in tow for his presentation “Rock and Roll Content: A Six-String Study for Creating Blog Hits on Your Blog.”

Feldman, a long-time copywriter and blogger, is taking us through 11 Rock & Roll legends, highlighting what, exactly, they did to make themselves stand out. As Feldman explains, this is exactly what bloggers need to do: come up with an idea, execute the strategy and “zag, while everyone else is zigging.”

The Big Three
Elvis Presley, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are Feldman’s clear cut top three to lead off with. The most interesting of Feldman’s takes on the three is The Rolling Stones, who Feldman says “challenged the status quo.” “When most music was romantic and clean, The Stones got rougher, tougher, down and dirty.” The lesson for bloggers? Take a controversial stance. Go out on a limb. You don’t have to be negative, just bring to the table a new perspective on a certain topic and encourage conversation.

‘Sure Plays a Mean Pinball’
If we’re grading in terms of shredding ability, Feldman gets a solid ‘A’ for his rendition of Pinball Wizard by The Who. Plus, his lesson for bloggers is pretty interesting, too. Like Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey did with their music, bloggers should try telling a story in their writing. Creating a narrative through the stories of real people can be a fantastic way to engage with your audience. It’s legitimate, transparent and interesting.

The Boss
Seriously, this guitar playing is pretty awesome. Feldman just rocked out to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” and says that while The Boss’ albums are all very different, he always maintains the theme of the “common man.” Keeping that human touch and allowing the reader to identify with the content is the lesson Feldman wants bloggers to take from Bruce.

‘Like a Prayer’
Feldman’s moving along “like a rolling stone” (obviously Bob Dylan made the list) here and we’ve made it to Madonna, the final stop on this magical mystery tour through Rock & Roll history. Apart from a cameo singing appearance and the dancing in the aisles we were all just subjected to, the room full of bloggers can take a lot from this segment. Mostly, it boils down to, “express yourself, sell it.” This once again falls into the category of “be real.” Your audience is most likely intelligent enough to notice when you’re simply writing for the sake of writing, so you may as well write something your heart’s into. Be passionate about it and stay true to your own views. That way, you can truly appreciate any praise, or even criticism, you might receive for your content.

Feldman did a great job bringing life to his presentation, I think we’ll all take away a number of blogging lessons as well. It’s fine to be different, even if you’re not positive it’s going to work, but staying true to yourself and creating a strong, interesting, emotional narrative is the most important thing I think I’ll take away. It’s a combination of really each of the bands Feldman referred to, but if you want someone to read your blog and find it useful, it better start by being useful for you.

To find out more about Barry Feldman, visit his website at Feldman Creative

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