Mobile shopping will play a big role this holiday season

Holiday shopping has changed significantly over the last few years. Special sales, new product releases and advertising blitzes have all had a considerable impact on the way Americans shop during this season. However, one recent development may dwarf all other recent shopping promotional trends.

Mobile technology has dramatically changed the landscape of holiday shopping, and retailers who want to perform well this season need to learn how to use mobile marketing strategies effectively.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily an easy task. Finding creative ways to integrate mobile technologies into your business’ plan can be hard work, but recent data suggests that it may be one of the most effective ways to strengthen your business – especially in the all-important holiday season.

Mobile-only promotions
Recent studies show that customers who regularly use mobile technology in their shopping routines are different in many ways from traditional shoppers. In particular, they love bargains. This is a great opportunity for you to lure budget-conscious consumers by sending coupons, sales notifications and discounts to mobile users. Whether you have an app, a list of phone numbers or simply a mobile-optimized website, this tactic can help you attract hordes of deal-seeking holiday shoppers throughout November and December.

Don’t fight the tide
A growing number of shoppers are using their smartphones to compare prices, even when they are already in a brick-and-mortar store. It may be tempting to try and discourage this practice, but it is likely counterproductive. According to Search Engine Watch, 75 percent of smartphone users engage with their devices while shopping. Unless you want to drive these customers away, you should embrace this activity or try and use it to your advantage.

The most obvious way is to match prices that consumers find while in the store. Many large chains are willing to match a price of a product that is sold by one of their competitors, as long as the price is valid for in-store purchases.

If you are hesitant about instituting a price-matching policy, there are other options. One is to offer special deals for purchases made in a store, such as giving a coupon with each sale or offering a free warranty. Doing this will help you convince your customers that you are giving them a great value, even if they can find the same product for a slightly lower price somewhere else.

Post some of your favorite techniques for incorporating mobile technology this holiday season in the comments below!