Mobile-minded Marketing Ideas


Mobile devices have provided marketers with a level of understanding of their customers that many thought they would never see. Unlike other platforms, mobile devices are perfectly suited to blend in with and be customized to their user. Because of this, consumers are adapting their smartphones and tablets to their shopping needs: they use them to compare prices in a store, read product reviews and learn about promotions. As such, the next step for many online marketers is to use this knowledge to improve their abilities to reach these increasingly connected consumers.

In many ways, it sounds like this should be easy. What type of customer is more easily reached than one who is constantly engaged with the internet throughout the day? However, this improved access has also made it harder for companies to retain the attention of their customers. It has become so easy to bounce around the web on smartphones and tablets that businesses have found it hard to capture the attention of some consumers for more than a few seconds.

However, the marketing possibilities engendered by mobile devices far outweigh the drawbacks. Savvy companies will learn to hone their mobile marketing strategies to better mesh with the lives of their mobile customers.

Here are a few tips to more fully tap the mobile market.

Make it personal
Compared to televisions, billboards and print ads, smartphones offer a small amount of space to get your brand’s message across. Therefore, this real estate must be optimized. Increasingly, this means knowing who your ads are reaching and designing them with that audience in mind. Instead of casting a wide net with a massive advertising campaign, you can use the knowledge you receive about your audience’s personality to craft specific messages just for them.

Of course, even personalizing your content isn’t enough. It is also important to make the content you send out to smartphones and tablets as optimal for those platforms as possible. Customers who encounter oddly spaced or difficult-to-navigate promotions on their mobile devices are likely to become frustrated and ignore a piece of content before they truly understand its message.

Treat them special
Mobile users are an important new segment of your audience, so it is crucial to treat them that way. They have different characteristics than other groups – constant access, high mobility, regular engagement and so on – so you should be sending them promotions that make use of this situation. Special deals, smartphone-based coupons and emailed receipts are just a few of the promotions you can offer to your mobile users.

How have you tailored your marketing campaign to your mobile customers? Share your insights below!

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