Mobile and social sitting in a tree

Business owners who market their products to consumers directly need mobile marketing strategies that work. According to eMarketer, nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone at least monthly by the end of 2012, and three in five people will have a smartphone by 2016. The steady rise of mobile technology creates a new media channel for professionals, but brands need to make sure they don’t isolate practices that have also evolved concurrently to mobile marketing.

Social media is perfect for lead generation marketing. Platforms like Pinterest encourage consumer engagement and social services can be accessed on mobile phones. Marketers can use an interconnected promotional approach to reach new buyers when they combine the benefits of both mobile technology and social media penetration.

A recent study conducted by SteelHouse found that in May 2012 approximately 59 percent of Pinterest users clicked through a post and made a purchase. This is a significant portion of people, especially with Pinterest being such a new social network compared to outlets like Facebook and Twitter, which have struggled to drive online users to e-commerce destinations.

Creative teams must develop strategies to take advantage of the unique characteristics that technology like social media and mobile phones offer. As more Americans purchase smartphones, integrate social media into their daily routines and depend on the information communicated through each of those utilities, marketers will have an increasingly bigger chance to convey the value in certain goods.

To improve the response rates of lead generation marketing campaigns, creative professionals must embrace technologies that can help increase the reach of the overall initiative, and content that is optimized and accessible through mobile and social channels is the solution.

Make sure mobile and social are both part of your interactive marketing mix.

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