Marketing my business: Twitter paid advertising options

Twitter is undeniably an important service in the business world. The microblogging website provides you with an easy-to-use platform through which you can promote your products, services, accomplishments and share news with your customers. Additionally, the social media network is a perfect way to generate leads and continue to retain their attention throughout the business-to-consumer relationship.

Recently, Twitter has grown to over 500 million users, and the service is expected to generate ad revenues upwards of $259.9 million before 2012 is finished, eMarketer reports. Therefore, you need to figure out how Twitter fits into your business model, and if you want to use paid promotional tactics or rely on quality content and shareability. While a balanced approach will often produce the most desirable results, you first need to understand the paid promotional options that Twitter has begun offering its clients. 

1.) Promoted account – This option is featured in organic Twitter search results and within the Who To Follow section of the website. Promoted accounts are suggested profiles based on the followers a user already engages with through the social service.

2.) Promoted Tweets – These options appear in the timelines of users. Promoted Tweets often integrate well into non-paid Tweets, and professionals who use this marketing approach may find users engage with their content more regularly.

3.) Promoted trends – and the company's mobile application show trending topics based on specific time intervals. Professionals can promote a trend, and the topic will be featured in the section, so users can keep abreast of the latest posts associated with the topic. This option is an easy way to get people to talk about your company, project or service.

Beyond paid advertising, how has Twitter helped you improve brand awareness?