Marketers Unite in Boston: Hubspot Inbound 2013 Wrap-up

Marketers from across the globe came to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston to hear the best in the business explain their respective tips, tools and recipes for success in the world of inbound marketing. With more than 100 sessions ranging from keynotes to product demos, the conference provided attendees with insight into the latest trends in the industry.

The conference kicked off on Tuesday with a riveting talk from the welcome keynote speaker Seth Godin, a visionary marketing guru and bestselling author. He covered a number of topics, ranging from mass production to digitization, and touched on the idea that there is no secret shortcut in the industry. According to Godin, instead of looking for the easy way out, marketers should simply hope to use a creative solution in order to connect themselves and their brands with consumers.

He was followed by author Mitch Joel, who touched on the “purgatory” of constantly evolving technology. Joel asked the attendees to consider the relatively shocking success of the internet, and how businesses need to remain ahead of the curve in order to adequately prepare for advances related to the accelerating pace of progress in the digital sphere.

Dharmesh Shah, a co-founder of conference host HubSpot, addressed the progression of marketing through the years, and how companies need to realize that the industry is more challenging than ever. The average consumer is smarter, and thus businesses and marketers have to cater to a more informed customer base.

The Tuesday session was closed by Porter Gale, who spoke to the human element of the industry. However, the idea of the human element has changed, as people will likely be virtually networking in the near future instead of simply chatting with someone on the plane.

Building off of the human-oriented talk from Gale, Arianna Huffington headed the lineup on Wednesday, leading the audience to laugh collectively on numerous occasions while addressing how marketing leaders need to remain conscious of things outside of their industry in order to stay successful. She stressed that leaders need to remain wary of overworking themselves and their employees, as no productive creativity will come from an environment full of burnt out workers.

Changing course, the Thursday headliner was Nate Silver, a man who gained notoriety from his successful use of numbers to predict the outcomes of two very human pursuits – baseball and politics. He opined that the industry needs to remain balanced in its pursuit of the right information, noting that the real long-term impact of internet-based technology remains to be seen.