Make content marketing part of your communications plan

The internet can be an effective channel for lead generation, but in order for your company to be found on the web, you need to follow search engine optimization tips closely. Of course, the most efficient practice that improves online visibility is content marketing, and an investment in this strategy can produce some lucrative results.

However, eConsultancy recently released shocking data that highlights the slow growth of content marketing on a broader, corporate scale. According to the source, just 38 percent of companies have a content marketing strategy, and about 29 percent of agencies say they don’t plan on developing a campaign in the future.

This discovery is interesting to note, especially with publishing data that shows 53 percent of all clicks on organic listings goes to the top result. In fact, the second option only garners 15 percent of all clicks.

This means you need to take content marketing seriously if you want to benefit from all that the web has to offer your business. One primary resource that can help improve your content production is an editorial calendar. This tool is a schedule of topics to cover on your blog and dates when those articles should be submitted and published by. An editorial calendar can be as simple as a monthly theme or as complex as specific topics accompanied by resources for each day.

While an editorial calendar helps your team easily communicate deadlines, the tool also shows contributors where individual pieces fit into your overall campaign. Your readers will know when to expect an article on a certain topic, and can navigate to your blog on those specific days to engage with the information you provide.

To eliminate writer’s block and improve efficiency, develop your own editorial calendar and start taking content marketing seriously.