Leveraging Pinterest to drive traffic

Among social media networks, Pinterest is a relatively new entrant into the crowded marketplace but it has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. The pinboard-style social photo sharing website enables users to explore theme-based collections that reflect their hobbies and interests. Additionally, they can engage themselves with the wider community to discover connections to other people who might share similar interests. According to Social Media Examiner, Pinterest has grown by an astounding 4,377 percent since May 2011. This represents tremendous potential among marketing strategies for small business, who could leverage the powerful and free resources of the social network to drive traffic to their own websites and blogs while increasing sales in the long term.

One of the best strategies in using Pinterest to drive traffic is simply to share as much content as you can. Small businesses will get what they put in to the social network community, and sharing both your own content and content from other members of the community will create a better overall board for your company. Additionally, Social Media Examiner recommends pinning content not just from your blog or site but from other blogs as well to lend further credibility and make your pins seem more clickable.

Another way of creating more traffic is by getting fans involved as much as possible. Social media networks are largely organic, meaning that fans will recognize popular trends and share them with each other, enabling much of the growth on their own. Shopify recommends using your mailing lists, customer lists and other social networks to drum up as much buzz and activity on your Pinterest board as you can. One important thing to remember when engaging with fans and the community is that it’s not all about you and your company. Let the fans know how valued their input and participation is by encouraging them to build boards of their own.

Finally, as a largely visual- and photo-driven sight, having eye-catching graphics and images on your blog, website and your pinterest board can have tremendous benefits. Social Media Examiner suggests using taller images, which have been proven in recent studies to draw more pins and repins. Additionally, adding default images that are visible on every page and post creates brand equity and strengthens the overall reputation of your company.

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