It’s possible to find top talent even in today’s tough job market

When it comes time to expand your business operations, top talent can seem hard to find. After all, the job market is crowded, and for a small business owner, it can be difficult to identify the different skill sets among qualified professionals.

Small business hiring down
To make recruitment even more complex, a September 2012 CBIZ Small Business Employment Index notes that hiring for small businesses fell by 2.55 percent last month, even after August 2012 had a 1.15 percent uptick. The decrease in hiring is the third largest in the history of the report, which tracks employment trends for companies with no more than 300 employees.

Business Unit President for CBIZ Payroll Services Philip Noftsinger provides insight into why there was such a dramatic drop. He explains, “Part of the reason is the traditional end of summer and the start of the back-to-school season; however, this drop registers higher than previous September shifts we’ve tracked.”

Noftsinger continues by explaining that, “If today’s reading is supported by additional negative readings from other indicators and prospective evaluations of the SBEI, the ‘fiscal cliff’ may be causing small business owners to reduce the resources they are developing.”

Overall, the industry report found that 18 percent of respondents employed additional staff members in September. In contrast, 32 percent reduced staffing levels and 50 percent made no change to the number of workers they employ.

While employment opportunities may seem down in the small business sector, the national unemployment rate dipped below 8 percent last month, and many job seekers believe now is the time to find new career paths. Take advantage of the increase in consumer confidence today, and adjust your recruitment efforts to target job seekers where they congregate most – online. Branding your business as an innovator on the web can often help you appeal to more job seekers.

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