Is Pinterest worth using for lead generating marketing?

In order to remain relevant in the business world, companies need to quickly embrace the latest advertising and marketing trends. There is no argument that social media plays an essential part in lead generation marketing, especially for those businesses that sell products. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow consumers to hold public discussions about certain goods and share their opinions.

However, as social media evolves, newer services are introduced and, in some cases, they completely revolutionize how marketing is executed in the digital era. Pinterest is one of those new services, as it garners millions of unique visitors each month, all of whom navigate to various pages and engage with user-posted content. Businesses have found that creating their own Pinterest accounts can be a cost-effective and successful way to increase brand awareness. However, a creative department would approach the conceptualization of a Pinterest campaign much differently than the way that they would devise a Facebook outreach program.

What works on Pinterest?
The value in Pinterest is that it is easy to use. The network's clean interface and posting tools make getting acclimated with sharing content simple for users of all levels of technology prowess. Additionally, the type of information that makes the biggest impact on Pinterest is void of complexity. In fact, the simpler the information is, the more visually engaging it is and the fewer words readers have to digest, the more well received the post will become.

Pinterest is still in its infancy, so knowing the best practices associated with the platform is almost impossible. The best way to profit from a Pinterest campaign is with trial and error, so marketers need to spread their wings and be prepared to take risks online.

What are some Pinterest tips that have helped you generate leads or increase profit margins?