Is email marketing worthwhile today?

It's important to remain connected to coworkers, customers and investors in today's digital era. As a business owner, you might find that the amount of people who want to be in constant contact with you increases daily, which can drive you to check your email constantly, even when you're on the go. While you may find this to be an inconvenience, you're not looking at this trend through rose-colored lenses. If you are constantly connected to your email through your mobile phone, your customers are likely doing the same.

In fact, email has almost four times as many accounts as Facebook and 9.6 times more than Twitter, according to Smedio. This creates unique opportunities for marketers to keep in constant contact with loyal buyers, and certain mobile marketing strategies can greatly increase profit margins.

While it's obvious that consumers check their email on their mobile devices, these people have also voiced their concerns with the marketing materials they've received. According to Business2Community, approximately 80 percent of consumers are frustrated and find that reading emails on smartphones is more difficult than on personal computers. Therefore, marketing professionals want to implement certain design features when sending messages to mobile users, as these tactics are geared to make user experience more memorable.

Instead of having a lot of text, which may provide quality content, marketers should keep the messages succinct and to the point. Additionally, include graphic elements that convey similar messages. Rather than saying recipients can take advantage of a 25 percent coupon, show the creatively designed incentive with the use of stunning images and colors.

Are you already using email in your marketing efforts? If so, what have you found to help improve open-rates?