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Many small businesses are increasingly setting up Twitter accounts for their companies, believing that the social media network is an efficacious way of engaging with fans. However, having a successful Twitter profile requires more than just tweeting each morning about what you had for breakfast. In fact, small business owners and marketing executives at more intimate retail outlets are often too overwhelmed with other aspects of running a company that their Twitter account remains neglected. A recently released tool that can lead to better Twitter relationship management is Marketers need to use this to develop more effective marketing strategies for small business.

The customer relationship management service is built exclusively for Twitter and was launched precisely to help businesses and marketing executives build better relationships with fans. According to Small Biz Trends, eschews the traditional stream-based Twitter dashboard that most users see when they visit the site with capabilities for building a more interactive, in-depth and customized look at their network. Through this new personalized dashboard, managers can see more than just a timeline of tweets. They can gain access to a whole new world of insights with specific information on followers, their personal profiles and how engaging their activities are.

According to Social Media Examiner, one of the most important aspects of the dashboard is the Prioritized Feed. This portion of the feed aggregates the most important and relevant members of your Twitter community, based on a variety of different metrics. Small business owners and marketers who have only a handful of minutes each day to spend on their Twitter profiles need to ensure that they are prioritizing this group of people in their engagement activities.

The news source also recommends segmenting your entire Twitter follower community into more distinct groups, namely influencers, supporters or engaged members. Influencers are some of the most important to focus on, as they wield considerable influence within their own communities. Successful engagement with this group could lead to a widespread and positive word-of-mouth following. This demographic is determined by the followers-to-following ratio as well as your engagement history with them.

Meanwhile, supporters are also essential to creating a word-of-mouth following, as they are known for retweeting your statuses to their own communities and sharing your content links often. Finally, engaged members participate through mentions, retweets, direct messages and favoriting your updates. As brand advocates, this group is essential to your operation.

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