How to use Reddit to grow your business

As small businesses do not necessarily benefit from the economies of scale the way that larger companies do, they have to be more creative in their promotional tactics. To this end, leveraging Reddit, the popular social news platform, could be one of the more unique and successful marketing strategies for small business.

Calling itself the front page to the internet, Reddit has emerged as one of the key online staples of digital life for the younger crowd, which is often the target for retailers and businesses. According to The New York Times, the website was built on open-source software and spurred on by a community of more than 20 million users a month. The fact that it is so user- and community-driven is a massive part of its appeal. It is the users themselves who contribute to the site and ultimately police it, ensuring a strong sense of community. Companies could take advantage of this by building consumer advocates on Reddit and seizing control in managing relationships with their fans and supporters.

One of the biggest benefits to small businesses in using Reddit is as a unique channel for customer service. With sub-Reddits (essentially smaller, niche categories or topics for discussion), companies can set up pages that then funnel customers with questions or complaints into the right channels, according to Social Media Examiner. Maintaining a customer is much cheaper and easier than acquiring a new one, putting a heavy emphasis on providing the best customer service. To this end, Reddit can be a strong source of engagement and specific problem solving.

Similarly, the sub-Reddit capabilities of the website lend themselves seamlessly to the creation of a vast network for companies and brands. Social Media Examiner stresses that having one popular sub-Reddit could easily snowball, leading to a whole host of popular sub-Reddit pages on similar topics, all related to your brand or company. The wider your network is, the more potential customers you can draw attention from.

Finally, because it is such a user-driven website and community, getting further engagement on a more intimate level is not a difficult task. A little bit of prodding could lead to a unique level of interaction between a brand and its customers. Letting users submit content in a topic they are passionate about gives them a sense of ownership, making them more proud and loyal toward your brand.

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