How to effectively advertise to a mobile audience

Nearly half of all Americans use smartphones, mobile devices that allow people to access information from any location. Smartphones allow people to view a variety of content in the palms of their hands, and advertisers should embrace the opportunity to expand their reach with these devices.

A recent Nielsen study showed that 75 percent of mobile travel users notice ads on their smartphones. Marketers who can deliver a consistent, appealing message to audiences have the chance to increase their revenues and clientele. Additionally, they can promote new products and services that could lead viewers to become long-time customers.

However, advertisers need to understand the best ways to effectively market to mobile audiences. Check out the following lead generation marketing tips companies can use to increase their mobile outreach.

1. Go beyond smartphones – Smartphones aren’t the only mobile opportunity for marketers – tablets also are becoming a popular option for many consumers. The Online Publishers Association reports that 31 percent of the U.S. population currently owns tablets. Since new mobile devices are constantly being introduced into the marketplace, this segment could also grow in the future.

Marketers should design their content for mobile users to ensure that these people can enjoy viewing a company’s website on any device. Whether it’s on a smartphone or tablet, consumers should be able to access high-quality content that promotes a company’s brand.

2. Include contact information – Give people plenty of opportunities to reach a business. This enables users to call, email, fax, or text company spokespeople so they can learn more about a business’ goods and services.

Additionally, businesses should provide location information with mobile content. Google Maps and other tools are available that make it easy for customers to find companies. Businesses that include this information enhance the quality of a user’s experience, which also makes it more likely that he or she may return to a mobile website.

3. Identify the clientele – While a company is able to reach a broad range of people, it should determine its target audience before releasing mobile ads.

Use terms and images that consumers who would be interested in specific products or services will respond to, as this helps a business effectively advertise its offerings. A business can also include short videos to further enhance its outreach.

Improve your business’ marketing campaigns with mobile ads.

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