How to drive traffic using Pinterest

With so many different social media networks out there, it can be difficult to determine which one would actually represent one of the better marketing strategies for small business. While Facebook and Twitter profiles are no-brainers, siphoning out the best among the rest – LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Google Plus – can be more challenging. However, entrepreneurs should take note of the fact that Pinterest is swiftly emerging as a must-have social media network. According to Social Media Examiner, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined. Here are some tips on how to leverage Pinterest’s capabilities to drive more traffic to your company’s website.

Be Pinterest-ing yourself
Once upon a time, you were no doubt unfamiliar with Facebook and Twitter yourself. Today, you find yourself checking both sites upon first booting up your computer every morning. Therefore, the first step is simply to familiarize yourself with Pinterest and its various nuances. According to Inc. Magazine, getting a sense of how people really use it is the key when dealing with the dangerous waters of self-promotion. You have to understand the users you will be talking to in this community before you can actually talk to them.

Be visually arresting
Many heavy internet users tend to be visually oriented, given the basic foundation of the medium. Pinterest, especially focuses heavily on a visual aspect. As such an image-oriented social media network, it is important that your participation on Pinterest similarly emphasizes images. Great visuals are more likely to capture a user’s initial attention, prompting them to pin and re-pin whatever image or content you are promoting. The news source recommends original photography or illustrations. Also ensure that each article or piece of content has a great “header image”, which is especially unique and interesting.

Other social media networks might eschew flashy images in favor of compelling content or clever headlines. Pinterest is a whole different type of beast altogether. While it might go against your basic instincts to do so, having a flashy – or even obnoxiously tacky – Pinterest board will get you the attention you desire.

Be community-driven
As with all other social media networks, Pinterest depends on its community of users for self-sustaining content and activity. Your Pinterest board will also have to rely on the help of others to build itself up, create a demanding audience and ultimately to drive traffic. There are many ways to prop up this user-driven community, but one of the simplest ways to do so is simply to ask. Asking people to pin stuff on your Pinterest board will organically drive audience members.

Basic Blog Tips also recommends listing all your contributors. This can be easily achieved by simply clicking the “Me+Contributors” button, which renders all readers eligible to pin items to your board. Make a contest that challenges people to pin the most compelling content and attractive items. Users want to be offered value and a contest that allows them to get their name out while promoting you simultaneously is a good idea.

Be analytical
As with all marketing strategies for small business, it is essential to track the success or effectiveness of your Pinterest board in terms of driving traffic to your blog or website. Using Google Analytics or a similar traffic monitoring tool will allow you to see specifically how many readers made it to your website after being redirected from Pinterest. This will help you craft more directed and more efficient campaigns in the future.

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