Hone your SEO skills to avoid staffing shortfalls

In recent years, the value of search engine optimization (SEO) has been touted relentlessly by companies of all sizes. As an essential part of online marketing, SEO has gained many adherents and a huge number of companies have added SEO experts to their staffs. In fact, many say that marketing your business online without using carefully selected keywords is an exercise in futility.

There’s only one problem, though. In many areas, there aren’t enough qualified professionals to fill these spots, which has put many companies in tough positions.

In Phoenix, for example, many companies are fighting to attract the same small pool of well-trained SEO professionals, which has left many without an integral part of their teams.

“We’ve reached out through all of the avenues we thought would work, but haven’t found anyone,” Ken Bonham, vice president of business development at the Lucid Agency, a Tempe-based company desperately in need of qualified talent, told the Phoenix Business Journal.

Caught in this quagmire, some companies are taking a novel approach: developing SEO skills in-house. According to eMediaVitals, many businesses – whether unable to find talent or facing a budgetary shortfall – are combing through search engine optimization tips so they can develop their own skills, which can help them avoid dealing with a staffing problem in the future.

Get the right software
Luckily, there is a great deal of apps, programs and software available to help you in your mission to master SEO. Even better, many of these are free, such as analytics programs provided by Google. Evaluating the success of your keyword integration by measuring the clicks it produced and unique visitors it attracts is instrumental to improving your SEO.

Try various approaches
Sometimes, knowing the efficacy of your efforts isn’t enough. If you find that your campaigns are falling short of their marks, it will be beneficial to mix it up and try different strategies. In some ways, this is one benefit of not having a devoted SEO employee on your staff, as you can feel more free to get creative with your methods.

It is clear that the need for SEO experts is growing every year, but it is less clear how businesses can meet this demand. Bolstering your own expertise in this area can be one effective method for improving your online marketing skills in the face of a shortage of competent workers.

How have you approached SEO? Share some of your favorite strategies in the comments below!