Effective Pinterest boards for small businesses

Pinterest has simultaneously emerged as one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media networks today, while being relatively obscure and hard-to-understand for mainstream or casual users. The idea of pinning and sharing interesting photos with other users on similar themes, hobbies and interests helps spawn a collaborative and inspirational community. Beyond casual use of Pinterest, retailers are starting to witness the potential of Pinterest to serve as one of the strongest marketing strategies for small business. According to eConsultancy, 37 percent of marketing professionals in a recent survey admitted to being active on Pinterest. Here are some tips on how to set up an effective Pinterest board for a small business.

A thoughtful and well-rounded profile page
While photos are the primary driver of Pinterest activity and engagement, that doesn’t mean that the words on a profile page should be eschewed or half-heartedly filled in. Inc. Magazine recommends completing the paragraph on your Pinterest profile page with sufficient information about your business, links to websites and other social media networks and enough personality to stand out from the crowd. The logo of your small business should also be prominently displayed.

Call consumers to action
One of the best ways of creating successful marketing campaigns is to ensure that the call to action is persuasive and engaging. Pinterest is no different. According to eConsultancy, using digital imagery that is interactive and engaging and shows a product being used is more likely to result in click throughs to actually buy the product or learn more about the service. Since words can’t be used, marketers should get creative in coming up with their calls to action.

Take advantage of the collaborative aspects
One of the most unique aspects of Pinterest is that it is very much a social media network in the sense of the phrase. Users drive content and engagement and small businesses can take advantage of this by relying on word of mouth. Additionally, small business owners might be able to get new unique ideas by poking around. Inc. Magazine also notes that people working together on a project can really take advantage of Pinterest’s capabilities, providing an interesting opportunity for small businesses to work with their peers.